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Start a Home Church or Satellite Cell Group
Quick Steps
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Mentor and Multiply
Prayerfully follow these New Testament guidelines to start a church or cell group. God consistently uses this simple, biblical pattern to multiply home churches and cell groups.
  • Let a new believer with leader potential gather family and pals for a party to celebrate meeting Jesus, like Levi, Zacheus, Cornelius and the Philippian jailer did.

  • Guide the new leader from behind the scenes. The  group can then easily become a home church or satellite cell (tiny church within a larger one).

  • Agree with at least one coworker before God to carry out the project, as Jesus requires in Matthew 18:18-20; don't try to take it on alone.

  • Use the New Leader's Duties Checklist to begin mentoring new leaders as they gather friends to meet Jesus. Download the simple checklist:
New_Leader's Duties Checklist (HTM)

  • If you lack experience in mentoring new leaders the way Jesus and His apostles did, then review these guidelines:
Christian Mentor's Tasks (HTM)

  • For help to begin,  email or call experienced mentor George Patterson (no fee) :   -  863 382 1062