Peter and Layne Bogdanov, married 36 years, live in Arizona, are Graduates of a Christian university and parents of 3 children.
Experienced ministers with deep passion to restore broken hearts and set captives free.
Rely on the power of God. Heart restoration is the power of Jesus uncovering lies,
   healing our wounds and dealing with deep-level problems.
Prayer for deep-level healing frequently leads to greatest freedom, aside from salvation.
Release from bondage to anger, depression, lack of forgiveness, and low self-esteem.

Our Mission
Restored Hearts Ministries is all about the mission of Jesus (described in Isaiah 61) who said He came to heal the brokenhearted and set captives free.
Can you imagine what it would feel like to get your heart back and live in freedom?
We've all suffered deep brokenness and find ourselves in some form of captivity.
  Our mission is to help you come alive again and find the person you were created to be.
A unique family
of healers
of the heart
Peter, Layne & Andrew Bogdonov
Healing Broken Hearts and Bruised Emotions
Peter & Layne
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