Working with our Muslim Friends

The appropriate approach to Muslims depends on their background. Both of the following have been used by God to help them discover joyful freedom and assurance in Christ.
R. uses a highly contextualized approach
  • Has worked with a Shia' tribal people.
  • Has led church planting conferences in many countries.
  • Has many years' experience with Asian nationals,
  Muslims who follow the Messiah, planting churches
  (messianic cells).
  • Has advanced academic degrees in missiology.
  • Has prepared contextualized church planting
  materials for Muslim background believers.
  • Directs leadership development for an international church planting organization.
  • Will help you to follow proven guidelines for bringing Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ, and forming secret cells of believers.Top
More information about healing:
Healing in Jesus' Name
Mentor and Multiply
Use the Koran as a bridge to talk to Muslim friends about Jesus:

What the Koran says about Jesus

For security send email to B. through
(write "For B" in the subject line)
Let B suggest possibilities after hearing your story:
  • The role of healing and deliverance from unclean
  • Understanding and dealing with animism
  • Positive, respectful use of the Qur'an
  • Various applications of contextualization to your

  • Non-confrontational 'Isa jamaats'
  • Possible 'friendship gatherings' of Muslims and
For security send email to R. through
(write "For R" in the subject line)
Contact a  mentor experienced
in your area of concern
Contact a  mentor experienced
in your area of concern
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