Let Rob help you do,
or give, vocational training.

Let Anne coach you
to develop children's work, helping them
take part  in worship.
  Yes, it is possible that people with little formal education can start a church planting movement of their own. Robert and Anne experienced the power of God in a people movement in Northern Honduras while apprenticing under Honduran church planters. Contact them for information on tribal church planting and pastoral training, children's work or teaching bi-vocational skills to poor pastors.

  We pioneered church planting in southern Mexico where we work with a neglected people group, the Metlatonoc Mixtecos.  Practicing an incarnational ministry, we lived for several years in a remote Mixteco village, learned the language and discipled church leaders."

Robert, a skilled tradesman, trains small village pastors as carpenters, so they can earn enough not to be lured to the city because of economic pressure.

  • If you want help to think through a church planting strategy for neglected tribal groups...

  • If you are considering vocational training for church leaders in poverty areas, so they can be self-supported...

  • If you doubt that the church of our Lord Jesus Christ can spontaneously  reproduce in any culture... then  we are available to help you think through your plans.
Let the good news about Jesus spread like wildfire throughout a people group!

Coaching for...
  Church planting teams
  Church planting among Hispanics
  Children's work,
  Vocational training
  Self-support skills for poor pastors
  Tribal church planting
  Pastoral training
Robert & Anne Thiessen
Anne and Robert wrote Shepherd's Storybook. This short book enables you to train pastors where more extensive or institutional training programs are impractical. You can download it freely.
Mentor and Multiply
Contact a  mentor experienced
in your area of concern
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