Cautions for Mission Administrators Aiming for a Church planting Movement
Avoiding Common Mistakes Made by Green or Careless Field Supervisors
L. Cinquanta, TellASIA Ministries


1) Before paying a worker to plant churches, high standards of discipleship and demonstration of divine calling by fruitfulness on the field should be required.

2) These mature, Holy Spirit-anointed, well-equipped individuals make disciples, establish worshipping communities, and raise up local pastors, elders, and deacons who are entirely self-supporting from the start

3) Resulting house churches need a system of constant nourishment in the Word and through seasonal Celebrations or they will soon disappear.


1) Any missionary including "close-cultural" missionaries from another part of the same country must be a servant to the indigenous church. Leadership development goes beyond holding seminars; it means empowering workers to make decisions in the organization.

2) Those contribute funds to indigenous networks and organizations should do careful research at the grass-root level and not be satisfied to believe the word of leaders. In addition, they should be sure that decisions about funding from outside sources be made by parties who will not personally benefit, and not relatives or workers who stand to gain by the decision.

3) Leaders of networks must respect the organizational identity of each regional leader or organization. A network leader must be above the desire to build up one's own name or kingdom. "The (true) shepherd gives his life for the sheep". Real network leadership means sacrificing our own prestige and advancement in order to empower others.