An Encouraging Report on Healing in Jesus' Name

Sent by Dr. Klydi Vampa to mentor Darren Steckman

   Darren Steckman for years has been praying for the sick and helping others also to pray more earnestly for healing in the name of Jesus, with encouraging results. He avoids the slick, glitzy, commercial approach of some high-profile healers. Here is one of his reports:

   Dr. Klydi Vampa, an Albanian believer and medical doctor, was called to a remote mountain village to attend to a girl who had fallen into a fire and severely burned her shoulder and arm. The burns on her arm were third degree. The only thing he could do medically was to remove the charred flesh, clean the wounds, put medicine on the wound, bandage it with sanitized bandages and recommend that the child be taken to the hospital in Pogradec. The skin grafting and recovery process for such an injury could take three to six months in hospital.

   The next week Dr. Klydi returned to the village to change the dressing on the burned arm and shoulder. When he    removed the bandages he was amazed to see new pink flesh growing where he had removed the burned flesh. Additionally there was no sign of inflection. Everyone was praising the Lord for His work of healing.

   Dr. Klydi knew the family did not have the means for her stay in hospital, for Hospitals in Albania do not feed their patients. The family has to bring in food. Many doctors who attend to the patients in the hospitals work on a bribe system, they attend to those who can benefit them. Dr. Klydi knew that this girl would have to stay in the village and would not be treated.

   Klydi knew that her only hope was in Jesus, the Healer. He asked the parents if He could pray for the girl. They agreed to prayer. Klydi laid his hands on the bandages and prayed in the Name of Jesus that this burned area be healed. He then left the family and traveled three hours through the mountains back to Pogradec.

   Later, when Dr. Klydi returned to dress the wound, he found that God had completely and perfectly restored the girl’s flesh.