History Authenticates the Christian Faith

Throughout history, governments that attacked Christians have brought untold misery, despair and death on their people. Examples: the Roman Empire in the first three centuries A.D., Muslim invaders of the Dark Ages, several inquisition, Nazi Germany, the USSR, North Korea, Albania and Indonesia. In modern times, governments that officially embraced atheism have brought misery and have quickly self-destructed.


The existence of Israel and the Church bear witness to the historical events that led to their origin.


Unlike all other religions, whose dogmas originated with visions growing out of extensive meditation and dreams, all major doctrines of our Bible grow out of historical facts. These include…

·        creation,

·        the disobedience of the first man,

·        a great flood,

·        Abraham's pilgrimage and faith,

·        the slavery of his descendents in Egypt,

·        their miraculous rescue, the giving [and breaking] of the law,

·        the kingdom and its fall,

·        the birth, miracles, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus,

·        the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to give birth to the church.

The first real civilizations in all parts of the world rose within about 1500 years or so, which would have been impossible had they all evolved separately over countless millennia as some skeptics presume. Mankind--what we would call real human beings, intelligent and social, with a soul capable of relating to God and embracing divine truth--is of historically recent origin.

The lore of many primitive societies retains accounts of creation--an Adam type who defies deity to doom the race, a flood and a family protected from it in a boat. Archeological discoveries continue to affirm the authenticity of Scripture.