A note from Meg Crossman…

My role is mobilizing God’s churches and God’s people to do more than they think can do, by working together (I K 18:46). That is my heart—to network and help in every way I can, and to “provoke . . . to love and good works.” That is where there seems to be real fruitfulness in my ministry. (John 17:20)

We started the East Valley Missions consortium about 17 years ago. We had, for many years, a discussion consortium in Central Phoenix. Now a Westside Missions Consortium is meeting. A breakfast consortium in Tucson has become the Tucson Mission Network. A local ministries consortium has begun near here. Now some are saying the Westside needs one, too. Just recently, the East Valley decided to start their quarterly discussion consortium.

We do a lot of work with refugees and immigrants. A gathering called The Phoenix Refugee Connection is meeting on a regular basis here, and the Tucson Refugee Network is doing some very, very creative work.

All of these have grown in a natural, organic way, not in a program or on a certain template. No organization controls them. They all reach across agency, denominational and congregational lines.

Besides the consortiums, we have given classes here for twenty-one years—more than one hundred so far. We now call ourselves PathWays to Global Understanding (12 lessons) or PathLight Towards Global Awareness (5 lessons). Our website is www.PathWays2.org.