Child’s Passover Prayer
A dramatic reading, to introduce the Lord’s Supper

My name is Zurisadai. I am ten years old. We lived in Egypt until the other day when my daddy told me to catch a lamb. I held it while he slit its throat. Yuk! Blood sprinkled all over me. Flies came because the lamb stunk. Daddy smeared its blood beside our door; Moses had warned that the death angel would kill each family’s oldest son, but if he saw the blood he would pass over.

That night I couldn't sleep; I was scared because I am the firstborn. The night grew cold, dark and silent. I prayed, “Dear God, please let the angel see the blood.”

I heard screams, faintly and far off. They grew closer and louder. Soon they were all around us. I shut my eyes tight, pressing my hands over my ears. I waited, pleading, “Dear God, save me!”

The screams grew fainter and farther away; then, silence. I was alive! I opened my eyes. Daddy and momma stood over me, weeping. The death angel had seen the blood of the lamb!