Paul-Timothy Introductory Study
for All New Users of P-T Studies
Study Name and Number: Getting Started, 00a

How to Use Paul-Timothy Studies

Download P-T studies freely from

1. How to choose studies that fit your needs, using the P-T User’s Menu:

·        Ask your coordinator for a copy of the Paul-Timothy User’s Menu, or download a printable copy from

·        Studies are grouped under 16 Ministries (including an Introduction). Choose a study for each student that deals with the current needs of his congregation.

·        First find the Ministry that contains studies related to the need. For example, if a student wants to develop worship, find the corresponding studies on the menu under WORSHIP.

·        Keep studies for each ministry area stored separately, so that you can easily find them.

2. Ministries in the User’s Menu include sets of studies for different topics.

·        Each Ministry area has several sets of studies. For example, the ministry “Worship” includes sets on Communion, on celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, and on other aspects of worship.

·        Each set has a study for Shepherds and for Children. Both studies treat the same topic. This enables children to prepare ahead of time a Bible story related to the topic that the adults will learn. The children can act out the Bible story for the adults during worship time.

·        Shepherd’s studies have the word ‘Shepherd’ at the top. Their study numbers end with ‘a’, for example ‘A1a’.

·        Children’s studies have the word ‘Children’ at the top. Their study numbers ends with ‘b’, for example ‘A1b’.

·        Some sets also have supplementary studies with additional information on the topic. Those studies end with the letter c, d or e.

·        New Shepherds’ studies help one to plan both the next week’s activities and the next worship.

3. Initiate P-T leader training using the “Getting Started” studies:

·        Trainers use Guidelines for Training New Shepherds study number A0f.

·        Pastoral students use Guidelines for New Shepherds Being Trained, number A0a.
All New Shepherd’s study numbers end with the letter ‘a’.

·        Children’s teachers use Guidelines for Children’s Teachers, number A0b.
All Children’s study numbers end with the letter ‘b’

·        Worship leaders use Guidelines for Those who Lead Group Worship, number A0e.

·        Other workers use Guidelines for Deacons, Deaconesses Small Group Leaders, and Others who Lead Activities during the Week, number a0d.

·        Coordinators who lead workshops to initiate Paul-Timothy training use Paul-Timothy Workshop Manual. You can download it freely from; click on ‘Workshop Manual’ in the left column.

4. P-T studies help you to plan interactive, relational worship activities.

·        Use Paul-Timothy studies to prepare for a worship time in which many participate in a family atmosphere that includes children. The Holy Spirit works more powerfully in meetings where people have relationships.

5. P-T studies can be printed in a convenient, pocket-sized format.

·        Provide the studies in a form that is easy to use. The New Shepherds’ and Children’s studies should fit on one sheet of paper, printed on both sides. The folded layout has four pages on one folded sheet of paper.

·                                   New P-T studies can be written to focus on your needs.

·                                   If you will inform the Paul-Timothy writers about other study needs, then they will try to create studies accordingly. Let your leaders know your needs, so that they can inform the Paul-Timothy writers.

·                                   The Paul-Timothy curriculum will never become finalized, because new studies will be added or improved according to your reports about the needs of your congregations.

·        Paul-Timothy publishes supplementary studies as they become ready. Please visit the web site often to find and download free studies:

6. P-T studies have no restrictions on copying or translating.

·        This booklet and the materials it describes may be freely copied, translated into any language, stored on any medium, and distributed for free or for money. Please, include the following statement:

Copyright © 2004 by Paul-Timothy

Nobody has an exclusive right to produce, store, sell, or distribute these materials in any language or region.

May be freely copied. Download from