Social Benefits of Christianity

Christianity works!

History proves repeatedly that Christians are the 'salt of the earth'... Where Christ has influenced families and societies people enjoy a better life. It reaches even those 'neighbors' and descendants who do not believe but share in the blessings.


Education is better

Where Christians set the pace first for valuing truth, education has come to the fore. Christians first brought education to the people in most well developed societies.

Business is better

Christians have been "light for the world" [Matthew 5:13-14]. Through their influence, men fulfill contracts honestly; the economy is stronger.

Health is better

Like the Good Samaritan, Christians have introduced into nearly all societies standards for better health care.  For example, they have built the first hospitals and universities in most developing countries.

Science advances

Where men believe in one God, society embraces universal, absolute truths. This makes objective science possible. Few advances in science have come from pagan cultures. In Hindu societies, one may believe just about, whatever he wants; one's empty meditation and purposeless devotion make it real in his mind. The resulting lack of absolute truths has weakened their sciences and economy.

Government is more just (never perfect)

Christians seeking justice become 'salt of the earth' [Matthew 5:13-14]. Through their influence, government is fairer and shows more concern for the weak and oppressed.  Christians have taken the lead to fight injustices. They set the moral standards needed for a happier, freer life. They led the struggle to end mot social abuses such as slavery, ruthless totalitarian domination, racial discrimination and many other evils. We know the misery that Communism brought to mankind, with its purely rational approach to social development. Christian leaders in Eastern Europe led the bloodless revolution. They inspired those who tore down the shameful iron curtain.

Women are respected

Millions of Muslim and Hindu women suffer abuse. Many are given a shamefully low place in society. This misery is due mainly to the teaching of the Koran and Hindu writings. In societies where Christians have exerted influence, women are respected.  In Christ there is neither male nor female [Galatians 3:28].