Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the Shepherd's Storybook. I am using it with my 10 + 12 year old sons, who love it! Here's why I am telling people that they may want to test drive it with their children:

They can read the stories & the Scriptures to their children so that "family time" & story time are combined. The stories are fun for children, so they soak up the
whole thing easily. It provides a good jumping off point for all sorts of discussions related to life & ministry, since parents can easily improvise off the material, add or change questions, go to other related Bible stories, etc.

There's so much Bible content + good theology + good praxis (in the form of your experience + advice) combined in an easily digestible form. The kids don't even realize how much they are learning.

It gives them practical orientation + help for current and future ministry, right in their own home. They take in a missional perspective on life + ministry, which can be combined with whatever ministry work they are currently doing right now.

I know it wasn't written for North American kids, but I see it as having big potential for families who want an easy-to-use resource as part of discipling their children in Biblical mission + ministry.

 I so appreciate how you are putting so much material online so as to make it available to the world. God bless you & Galen and your team, and please do pass on my appreciation to the Thiessens for this book as well.


Appreciatively yours,


Bruce Gordon

New England 

P.S. My sons are still enjoying Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations too!