Secret, Temporary Training Church

Prepare to Work Where Authorities Are Hostile

Leader (elder or designated trainee): ____________________________

If trainees plan to work in restricted fields, form a second, secret church.

·         Simulate working and worshipping with a secret church. Not all trainees need to participate. Read these instructions before explaining the secret church to trainees.

·         On the final day prepare ahead of time the bucket of ice water to execute the leader that loses, of either the police or the church.


First day

·         Explain these rules and warn how the leader that loses will be executed.

·         If trainees want this exercise, name a liaison person who secretly appoints a secret church leader.

·         To join the secret church, tell the liaison person; he will direct you to the underground church leader.

Second day

·         The liaison person secretly names a ‘chief of the secret police.’

·         This chief recruits other policemen to help detect illegal meetings.

·         Police can use any methods except violence and interrupting meetings.

·         Police are to detect time and place of any meeting of the church or its branches.

Ensuing days

·         The secret church meets at least three times and does all activities that Christ requires of a church.

·         The liaison person occasionally reports to the trainees the secret church’s activities without revealing names, times or places of meetings.

Final day–trial and ‘execution.’

·         The police chief reports the time and place of any one meeting of the secret church or of a branch of it. If he suspects more than one meeting, then he is to report the meeting of which he is most sure. Do not require him to tell names of members of the secret church (that is normally quite obvious, and in reality the police will need to detect the time and place of meeting, for evidence).

·         The secret church leader reports when and where they met.

·         If the police chief detects the time and place of any meeting, then execute the church leader who was named by the liaison person, whether he was present at the meeting or not (he is responsible). Go outside and pour a bucket of ice water over his head. Prepare it ahead of time.

·         If the police chief fails to guess both time and place, then execute the police chief for incompetence.