Vital Ministries Checklist

Mobilize your flock to serve Christ actively, and monitor progress.


Find a task when a trainee or church needs it, by its number (the list is a menu).


Correct disobedience without condemning, Gal. 6:1-2; Matt 18:15-20; 1 Cor. 5:

†††† ♦ Remove roots of bitterness before they destroy both hater and hated, 06-g

†††† ♦ Correct othersí bad habits without grumbling, gossiping or judging, 07-e

†††† ♦ Provide care-giving for persons and families that have problems or addictions, 08-c

†††† ♦ Help the anguished and dejected to trust in Jesusí relief, 09-f

†††† ♦ Reconcile enemies, 13-b

†††† ♦ Restore those who stray, without delay, 14-c

†††† ♦ Assure the dying, console mourners, and help all to think on eternity, 15-e

†††† ♦ Follow the steps that Jesus prescribed to deal with offenders, 19-b

†††† ♦ Agree on a Peace Pact to heal division, 21-b.

†††† ♦ Be a peacemaker; forgiving even the one who has injured you painfully, 22-a

†††† ♦ Staunch Satanís sneaky undercurrents of finicky criticism, 03-c

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Advise and reconcile troubled folks, Philemon:

†††† ♦ Deal decisively with crushing feelings of guilt, 05-a

†††† ♦ Explain why our heavenly Father lets His beloved children suffer, 07-c

†††† ♦ Let courage and faith override feelings and fear, to overcome harsh trials, 08-a

†††† ♦ Face the worldís hatred without letting it trigger despair and dismay, 09-d

†††† ♦ Put to rest gnawing doubts that derive from defeat and fatigue, 09-e

†††† ♦ Agree with oneís spouse on prudent management of family finances, 15-b

†††† ♦ Deal decisively with addictions, such as to gambling, 23-a

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Watch over the flock and drive off Ďwolves,í Acts 20:28-31; Titus 3:10-11:

†††† ♦ Drive off wolves that threaten a flock and shun all who cause division, 06-a

†††† ♦ Heed Jesusí warning against apathyís deadly effect, 02-b

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________


Pray daily alone and with oneís family, 1 Thess.17; Eph, 6:10-18; Gen. 18:20-33:

†††† ♦ Detect Satanís treachery as he strives to stifle a churchís revitalization, 04-b

†††† ♦ Replace prayers to idols and images with prayer in Jesusí name, 09-g

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Pray for the sick and helpless, expose false religion, free demonsí victims, Eph. 6:10-18; Jas 5:13-18:

†††† ♦ Pray with confidence in Jesusí name for the sick and oppressed, 14-d

†††† ♦ Rely on the power of Jesusí name to discern and cast out evil spirits, 16-b

†††† ♦ Detect and resist ďdemonic forces of darkness,Ē 21-c

†††† ♦ Discern and expose false spiritual power, 22-e

†††† ♦ Wage spiritual warfare strategically, prepared always for martyrdom, 03-e

††††† PRACTICE CONFIRMED (date): ____________________


Serve the needy in useful ways, being model citizens, Luke 10:25-37; Acts 6:1-6; Gal. 6:9-10:

†††† ♦ Avoid using Satanís tools to extend Christís Kingdom earth, 05-d

†††† ♦ Achieve social justice by using methods that also are just, 07-f

†††† ♦ Deal with employers and employees with respect and fairness, 10-d

†††† ♦ Instruct believers to do business in an honest way, 15-g

†††† ♦ Help the poor improve their economic status without causing dependency, 16-a

†††† ♦ In disasterís wake, deal with both spiritual and physical needs, 16-d

†††† ♦ Integrate benevolent development work with other vital ministries, 16-e

†††† ♦ Strive without rancor for social justice, 17-a

†††† ♦ Train deacons to lead others caring for the needy and oppressed, 20-a

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Be good stewards of oneís treasure, talent and time, Mat. 25:14-30; Lu. 6:38:

†††† ♦ Practice Christian stewardship for the right motive, 13-a

†††† ♦ Encourage believers to give cheerfully, 15-f

†††† ♦ Instruct believers to do business in an honest way, 15-g

†††† ♦ Verify a benevolence project before contributing to it, to avoid scams, 19-k

†††† ♦ Take vacations as Jesus did, 20-d

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________


Worship as a body, have fellowship and celebrate Communion, Matt. 26:26-28; Heb. 10:25; Acts 2:46; 20:7

†††† ♦ Know the place of emotion in worship and a Christianís life, 05-j

†††† ♦ Consecrate the time and place set apart for serious worship in homes, 07-b

†††† ♦ Obey New Testament Ďone anotherí commands in small groups, 07-a

†††† ♦ Let children take a serious part in worship and church life, 10-a

†††† ♦ Maintain order during worship without discouraging spontaneity, 10-f

†††† ♦ Experience the divine mystery of the bread and cup of Communion, 11-a

†††† ♦ Build loving relationships between new and mature believers, 17-c

†††† ♦ Include worship songs that one can recall and sing during the week, 11-f

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Develop interaction in and between cells and churches, Rom. 12:3-21; 1 Cor. 13:

†††† ♦ Let believers prophesy in the way the New Testament prescribes, 06-e

†††† ♦ Let all use their spiritual gifts in small groups, to obey the Ďone anotherí commands, 07-a

†††† ♦ Churches and cells help other do vital ministries so that all are healthy, 12-b

†††† ♦ Practice honest pastoral ethics, 17-d

†††† ♦ Respect Christian leaders, regardless of their social and educational level, 18-b

†††† ♦ Expose and shun false leaders without compromise or delay, 18-e

†††† ♦ Cooperate closely with other churches in the area, 22-b

†††† ♦ Respect sincere Christians with differences in doctrine or practice, 22-d

†††† ♦ Maintain true unity in Christ and avoid cultural bullying, 23-c

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________


Be transformed and renewed daily by Godís Holy Spirit, 2 Cor. 4:16:

†††† ♦ Resist deceptive alternatives to serving God in a fruitful way, 01-b

†††† ♦ Resist the subtle lure to criticize too much, 04-g

†††† ♦ Live by faith without seeking constant signs from God to bolster it, 08-d

†††† ♦ Explain why the risen Christ is oneís only hope for pardon and immortality, 09-c

†††† ♦ Resist fleshly temptations by slaying sinful passions, 12-e

†††† ♦ Explain original sin and its consequence for everyone, 15-a

†††† ♦ Discern Godís will with certainty, 19-c

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Cultivate the Ďfruit of the Spirití, Gal. 5:16-25:

†††† ♦ Achieve holiness by nurturing the fruit of the Spirit, 06-c

†††† ♦ Correct children, coworkers and employees with patience and a cool head, 03-a

†††† ♦ Detect and arrest gossip before its venom spreads, 05-b

†††† ♦ Pound oneís ego down daily with Godís Ďhammerí to be a servant to all, 09-a

†††† ♦ Love and forgive enemies, 10-e

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________


Declare Jesusí death and resurrection, what Heís done in your life, Lk 24:46-48; Acts 1:8; 2 Tim. 4:5:

†††† ♦ Demonstrate how to evangelize entire families and networks of friends,04-d

†††† ♦ Let all believers use the power that God promised, to spread the Good News, 05-c

†††† ♦ Warn people of final judgment and Godís just punishment in hell, 05-h

†††† ♦ Encourage and enable believers to witness with power to friends and relatives, 05-i

†††† ♦ Proclaim Jesus as oneís only Savior and Mediator, 08-b

†††† ♦ Help doubters and those who think that their good works will save them to trust in Godís grace, 11-e

†††† ♦ Be alert to God-given opportunities to witness for Jesus, 03-d

†††† ♦ Evangelize a head of a family first, or as soon as possible, 19-h

†††† ♦ During public festivals, offer wholesome alternatives to indulging in vices, 23-d

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Receive and baptize the repentant without delay due to non-biblical, legalistic rules, Acts 2:38-42:

†††† ♦ Know baptismís original purpose and effect, and practice it accordingly, 05-g

†††† ♦ Respect the sensitivities of younger and new believers, 11-f

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Make disciples by training believers to obey all of Jesusí commands, Mt. 7:24-29; 28:18-20; Jn 14:15:

†††† ♦ Form seeker, seeder and feeder cells to keep multiplying, 06-d

†††† ♦ Lets Jesus be a churchís top leader, by obeying His commands, 01-d

†††† ♦ Let older children lead younger, serving as role models, 10-b

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Start daughter churches and home groups (cells), Acts Chapters 13 - 14:

†††† ♦ Send workers who know how to multiply churches to neglected peoples, 18-a

†††† ♦ Free a flock from assuming that a building is always necessary, 19-i

†††† ♦ Keep churches and cells multiplying in their normal, biblical way, 22-c

†††† ♦ Remove man-made barriers to the expansion of Christís Kingdom, 23-e

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Prepare and send workers to neglected fields near and far, Mt. 28:18-20; Rom. 15:20-21:

†††† ♦ Respond by faith to questioning by hostile authorities, 21-a

†††† ♦ Prepare workers to enter neglected fields, adapt to a culture and be accountable, 21-d

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________


Apply the Word to equip all believers for edifying ministry, 2 Tim. 3:16-17:

†††† ♦ Disinfect a flock from the contagious, disheartening leaven of legalism, 05-e

†††† ♦ Discern crucial differences between the old and new covenants, 06-b

†††† ♦ Teach doctrine along with its practical duty, using Bible stories to clarify both, 10-c

†††† ♦ Proclaim positive truths, avoiding excessive scolding, 11-d

†††† ♦ Balance the two effective ways of choosing what to teach, 17-b

†††† ♦ Serve as an example that others can easily imitate, of a conscientious shepherd, 13-c

†††† ♦ Let love rather than money motivate bi-vocational leaders, and recruit many, 04-a

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Mobilize and train leaders of new churches and cell groups, Mark 3:14; Titus 1:5; 2 Tim. 2:2:

†††† ♦ Extend mentoring chains as Paul required, 06-f

†††† ♦ Recognize conditions that call for extension training and mentoring for shepherds, 04-f

†††† ♦ Train new leaders the way Jesus and His apostles did, 12-d

†††† ♦ Provide pastoral training at all economic and educational levels, 13-e

†††† ♦ Interpret a Bible text according to its context, 14-g

†††† ♦ Detect and avoid whatever hinders mobilizing many volunteer workers, 16-c

†††† ♦ Name shepherding elders according to the qualities that God requires, 17-e

†††† ♦ Discern the type of pastoral training that fits a field and its trainees, 18-f

†††† ♦ Delegate a task to a pastoral trainee after doing it together to model it, 19-e

†††† ♦ Let godly leaders who lack degrees serve where needed and wanted, 19-j

†††† ♦ Discern and practice biblical commissioning of new leaders, 23-b

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

†††† Follow Godís order in the home, Ephesians 5:21 ─ 6:4:

†††† ♦ Correct children with positive, consistent discipline, without anger, 03-a

†††† ♦ Help couples with a bumpy relationship and advise folks planning to wed, 11-b

†††† ♦ Duties of husbands, wives and children, 08-c

†††† ♦ Evangelize entire families, and avoid extracting isolated individuals, 05-i, 19-h

†††† ♦ Manage family finances prudently, 14,b

†††† ♦ Moral purity attained, 12-e

†††† ♦ Put family before fame and fortune and avoid urgent duties causing neglect, 01-e, 14-b

†††† ♦ Remove roots of bitterness quickly, 06-g

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________


†††† Agree with coworkers on both short and long range goals and plans, Philip. 2:2; Acts 15:22-31:

†††† ♦ Take the first step to become a leader for Jesus: know him, 01-a

†††† ♦ Let churchesí type of administration correspond to their level of maturity, 04-e

†††† ♦ Define short, easy steps to carry out projects large and small, 05-f

†††† ♦ Identify Ďthievesí of valuable hours, 14-e

†††† ♦ Discern levels of authority for what believers do to serve the Lord, 14-f

†††† ♦ Become a leader of leaders by mobilizing and mentoring them, 19-f

†††† ♦ Keep church bylaws general with freedom to adapt to new situations, 20-c

†††† ♦ Let serious projects be agreed upon and bound in heaven as Jesus said, 03-b

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Develop cell groups in which all members use their spiritual gifts, 1 Cor. 12:

†††† ♦ Limit group size to enhance interaction and mobilize leaders, 12-f

†††† ♦ Let believers do tasks that fit their natural personality type, 14-a

†††† ♦ Let folks use God-given gifts freely, and do only what pleases their leaders, 15-d

†††† ♦ Organize different types of groups according to current, local needs, 18-g

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Arrange for believers to serve one another in practical ways, 1 Cor. 12; Eph. 4:11-16; Rom. 12:3-16:

†††† ♦ Let all members of a group serve one another using their spiritual gifts, 07-a

†††† ♦ Let all believers in cell groups teach one another in some way, 12-c

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Lead firmly as humble servants, not as autocrats, Mt. 20:25-28; 1 Pet. 5:1-4:

†††††††† ♦ Examine oneís motivation to lead, and confess any self-importance, 07-d
♦ Let willing believers help plan projects and do vital ministries, 01-c

†††† ♦ Help your church body make crucial decisions carefully, 04-c

†††† ♦ Know when a pastor should resign, and how, 04-h

†††† ♦ Recognize the limitations of the democratic process in congregational meetings, 11-c

†††† ♦ Exercise decisive leadership without being bossy, 12-a

†††† ♦ Unmask false friendship and deceptive diplomacy, 13-d

†††† ♦ Avoid lording it over family, friends or flock, 15-c

†††† ♦ Prevent a clique secretly usurping control of a church, 19-a

†††† ♦ Share pastoral responsibilities among several leaders, 19-d

†††† ♦ Avoid making changes merely to please insistent people, 20-b

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________

Keep evaluating progress in all these ministries, Acts 20:28; Eph. 4:11-12; 4:1-5; Jas 1:22-25:

†††† ♦ Keep a proper ratio between diverse aspects of any church ministry, 02-a

†††† ♦ Develop and sustain all ministries that God requires of a church, 09-b

†††† ♦ Evaluate results of service for the Lord, not merely efforts, 10-g

†††† ♦ Focus on positive action, not squandering time on chronic problems, 18-c

†††† ♦ Evaluate pastoral traineesí fieldwork frequently and frankly, 18-d

†††† ♦ Avoid focusing too exclusively on a pet ministry; keep the body balanced, 19-g

††††† Practice confirmed (date): ____________________