Why Do You Call Yourselves People of Yes!

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We believe that God’s intention is for everyone to say, “Yes!” to obeying the Great Commission. But we talk to numbers of people who want to fully obey Jesus Christ, and all of His words, who are told that right now, the answer is “No.” ¬†They are often told that they need to raise more money, or they need to go to seminary, or that they must wait until they can be ordained, or that the policies and practices of their denomination or mission board will not permit them to do what they think that God wants them to do.


When people ask us to help them to find a way to obey the Great Commission, we want to be people who say, “Yes! We will help you.” We can help you to get started, or to become more effective, or to coach others to be more effective. We have found that there is almost always a creative way to say Yes!


Our coaches have worked for decades all over the world, and they have found many creative ways to help you to do what God wants you to do, even if others say that it can’t be done right now. Contact us, and tell us some of your story, and let us see what God can do.¬†