from watching 'tentmaker' workers and their home churches
Even though 'tentmakers' are earning well from a second vocation, they should receive some sup-port from a sending church. Folks pray more ffor workers in whose ministry they are investing, accountability is stronger, and field workers need the moral support and stabilizing relationship that an 'Antioch' sending church can offer.
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What are the biblical ways of raising support for Christian workers?

See Biblical forms of Gospel Workers's Support
Mentor and Multiply
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will help you mobilize "tentmakers"
Mobilize ‘Tentmaker’ Workers
(self-supported, or partially supported)
Establish a biblical view of self-support.

Practical steps to develop a trade or small business, extensive guidelines:
Bi-vocational Work--Practical Steps

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Help volunteer workers stay happily on the job:
Help Voluntary Workers to Persevere

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