My flock evangelizes well, but we train no leaders.
  My flock trains leaders well but needs help for evangelism.
  Can we visit your flock tomorrow, to help them?
So, no problem!
  We'll help you,and you'll help us.
Inter-church Cooperation
Churches and Cells Serve One Another
General Guidelines
"One Another" ministries stem from the Bible's many 'one another' commands. Biblical 'body life' requires interaction within a flock and between flocks.  Believers serve one another with their different spiritual gifts:
Love one another,
serve one another,
forgive one another,
confess our faults to one another,
correct one another,

To develop the reciprocal 'one another' body life between nearby churches or cell groups, start talking with their leaders.

IMPORTANT: Groups small enough for good interaction locally are too small for a good balance of all vital spiritual gifts, so they must do what New Testament churches did--Practice the 'One Another' ministries between churches and small groups.

Help churches and cells serve each other:
Interaction between churches & cells

Avoid common errors in partnering with
foreign churches or agencies:
Guidelines for partnerships

The regional Body of Christ is also '"church"and is often a neglected source of spiritual power:
Churches serving each other,
a neglected source of spiritual power
Mentor and Multiply
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Do you want an experienced mentor
to help you think through your plans for
churches and cells to serve each other?
George Patterson

The word 'church' (eklesia) in the New Testament often referred to a cluster of tiny house churches in a city or region, but was used in the singular, because they were seen as one closely knit body.
  These documents will help enable churches and cells to serve each other like the New Testament churches did...