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The short story RIVER OF GRACE   
  is fun to read, and shows how to 
  combat legalism in a positive way.
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Church Multiplication Guide The classic work that laid the undation for much of today's mission strategy.

Short story portraying a vivid victory over legalism:
River of Grace
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Paul-Timothy Leader Training:

Train And Multiply®:
65 pocket-size pastoral training booklets,
illustrated, now in many languages.

Disciple the Nations. A fun, interactive e-textbook. Read and enjoy an exciting story on your computer, about workers who go to different fields and undergo wild adventures. Select options voiced by characters in the story as you work through increasingly hard skill levels. An adversary appears and laughs at you if he outscores you during an episode (you have to do it again!). See Disciple the Nations under
Training Materials.

Brief messages dealing with current issues that mentors often face:
  Jesus compared growth and multiplication in His kingdom to that of grain, which, if seeded in good soil (repentant sinners' hearts),  reproduces up to a hundredfold.
   Most of today's neglected peoples live where farmers get two harvests a year. Do the math: to calculate four years' yield (eight harvests) multiply by 100 eight times. This gives the sum of 10,000,000,000,000,000, enough to feed the human race for a year! That's the power Jesus has given your church. Spread its DNA by gathering new believers in daughter churches (not just one congregation growing forever bigger), to let the multiplication be exponential. 
  George Patterson's strategies and materials for church multiplication have became known and used worldwide. He mentors workers who want to follow New Testament guidelines to sustain church planting movements; many make significant breakthroughs. He trained pastors in Central America in a way that multiplies churches. He confesses:
  "I learned from my mistakes, and since they were many, I learned a lot! 
  "At first we saw meager results, and began trying different ways, especially those depicted in the book of Acts, to  evangelize, worship, train leaders, organize and multiply churches. The contrasts in results were stark, and confirmed New Testament practices."
  Let Dr. Patterson help you make plans to train leaders the way Jesus and Paul did:
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