Reason for Faith # 1:  Experience
Reason for Faith  # 1
Experience and Answered Prayer
Believers all over the world and throughout history have experienced the transforming power and stark reality of the Presence of Christ in their lives, when they repent of their sins and trust Jesus for forgiveness and new life.
Also, millions of believers testify to answered prayers. In many 'pioneer' fields conditions parallel those of the Book of Acts, where people's world view has no place for the Christian faith, and folks cannot be argued into the kingdom of God through an intellectual approach. In such places, miraculous signs of God's power and healing are prevalent, and are the most common reason for coming to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
Healing. Discover what millions of people have found—wholeness, both physical and spiritual, in the Name of Jesus.
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Mentor and Multiply
Do you want an experienced mentor to help you in the area of experiencing Christ and receiving or doing healing? Bruce
Reasons  for faith:
1 Experience
4 Biological facts
2 Spirit's witness
3 Biblical truth
6 Cosmology
5 History
7 Social benefits