Secret Training Church
Recommended for those who plan to work in that third of the world where neglected peoples live under authorities hostile to the Christian faith.

Secret Church
Multiply Tiny Flocks Where Authorities Are Hostile
Major  Religions
What to do and avoid, with folks
who hold non-Christian beliefs
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Do you want an experienced mentor
to help you think through your plans
to penetrate hostile fields in today's frontier,  (no fee)?
Locate neglected peoples: Todd Johnson
Also: Work underground: "Jay"
Also: Work with Muslims: "R"
Red = neglected peoples
If this is your concern,
      then this this document
         may help you:
Mentor and Multiply
This Secret Training Church exercise has been a consistent winner. Participants in many fields have affirmed that it's the most powerful learning experience that that they ever had.

Participants meet secretly as a real but temporary church: serve the Lord's Supper and do all that God requires a church to do in the New Testament. Meanwhile, 'secret police' try to detect the church. If they do so, then its leader is 'executed.' If they fail, then the head of the police is executed!
Best-kept secret in the West..

It is easier and less costly by far, to plant a church that multiplies to reach hundreds or thousands, than to plant a typical Western church, especially where hostile regimes force churches to stay tiny and multiply underground.