Have doubts about your salvation?
Jesus Christ brings peace,  joy,  forgiveness,
freedom from guilt and assurance
of eternal life

How does this assurance come?
Through faith, which you can put into action right now.
Do you feel a tug at your heart? Then...

  • Trust God to forgive you. Ask Him now to do so, now silently or out loud, standing, sitting or kneeling (He looks at your heart, not your posture).
  • He promises to save for all eternity all who repent (have a change of heart) and believe in His son Jesus Christ, who died nailed to a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, and rose from the dead to share His life with us.
  • Let the Holy Spirit of God bear witness to your spirit that you are God's child. This assurance grows as we follow Jesus and meet with others to worship and learn to obey God's Word.

If you have received Christ in your heart, you should bring your family along with you as you confirm your faith and repentance by being baptized and entering a fellowship of loving believers. Find a small group that loves you and your family, that glorifies Christ by lovingly obeying Him, and in which you can actively participate. Do not be content with simply sitting and listening to Bible teaching; that's not biblical.

If unsure of God's forgiveness and you want to talk with a caring believer about it, call George Patterson 863 382 1062 or email GPatterson@cvi2.org.
Reassure Believers, Discouraged Workers
and Honest Skeptics
Dealing with skeptics?
Correct godless teaching and help believers who have intellectual doubts:
Reasons for Faith
Just need a lift?
Kathy Barram & Paula Gamble
Gleaned from mentoring and restoring
missionaries who have 'burned out'

  • The most common cause of missionary 'burnout' is not─as some say, failing to get along with coworkers. That is, rather, a symptom of an underlying cause.
  • Missionaries are usually loving, genial people, easy to get along with. The stress more often comes from field supervisors or coworkers who push one into work for which he is neither called nor gifted by the Lord. Why? Some field directors fail to listen to a new worker to let him do what he knows God wants him to do.
  • The remedy: A sending church sends a letter stating it has laid hands on the worker, commissioning him to do a specified ministry. Thus, a field supervisor does not consider the new arrival to be arrogant, asserting what he'll do; he has prior accountability that wise field directors will respect.
Do you want an experienced mentor
to help you receive God's assurance, and to assure others, including your family  (no fee)?
PeterLayne Bogdonov
Mentor and Multiply
  This will help you experience the living Christ in worship, and not simply learn facts about Him..
Experience (MS Word Doc®)
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  “Earth is crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes. The rest sit round it and pluck berries.”  
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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