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Tools to Multiply Churches and Cell Groups
George Patterson,
Richard Scoggins
William Carey Library
Excerpt from the Introduction: "Let us expose a myth. You may have heard a whisper just now, 'Church multiplication sounds nice, but it requires a lot of money, specialized education, sophisticated organization, high-powered executive leadership, and costly buildings. Answer this with fact: Churches multiply more readily around the world where these things are lacking!"
E- textbook
to train missionaries 

"I just worked through Come, Let Us Disciple the Nations. Jim Rutz gave me a copy of it. It is great! I have been through Bible College, Seminary, two post-grad programs and have been a church planter for 31 years -- and this is the best training for ministry
I have seen to date."  
Russ Wagner
Come, Let us Disciple the Nations
with George Patterson
Download Come, Let us Disciple the Nations with George Patterson
at no cost:
  • The classic work by Patterson and Scoggins that God is using to mold global strategy.
  • Let your church reproduce the way churches did in the New Testament, and in many fields today, including underground.
Church Multiplication Guide
The Miracle of Church
Church Multiplication  Guide
Order from William Carey Library: William Carey Library

An easy-to-translate version is provided at no cost for those who translate Church Multiplication Guide:

Download Church Multiplication Guide freely in Français:
An Interactive E- textbook
Compete against an adversary!
  • Select options voiced by characters in the story. If the adversary outscores you in a phase, he comes on the screen and laughs at you; you must do it over. Outcomes of episodes depend on your choices as you work through increasingly hard skill levels.
  • A fast-paced novel provides experiences similar to being on the field. Dynamic Training for cross-cultural work, cell leaders, church planters, disciplers.
  • Travel into arctic wastes, the high Andes, Asian mysteries, where adventures abound.

Pastoral training studies for new shepherds in several languages
George Patterson, Galen Currah, and others
no fees

Paul-Timothy trainers offer materials, mentoring and guidelines to start and lead churches or cell groups, via free computer downloads or any delivery system that works in distant fields.
Features of Paul-Timothy Leader Training:
  • Focus on small, new congregations, cells and house churches.
  • Brief studies that cover essential aspects of each study topic.
  • Basic studies for new shepherds, and corresponding studies for children.
  • Easy to initiate, requires no contracts or lengthy instructions.
  • Advanced studies for many topics.
  • Bible stories used, or referred to, to convey concepts.
  • Easy to translate.
  • Easy to download for old computers and software.
  • No charge (poor shepherds can have them).
  • Supplements for specific training needs
Menu-driven curriculum
  • Use the Paul-Timothy Main Menu to choose studies that fit a flock's current needs.
  • Menu includes studies for evangelism, worship, church multiplication, church history, family, spiritual warfare, stewardship, Bible introduction, survey and exposition, mercy ministry, fellowship, organizing, practical shepherding skills, character building and missions.
Shepherd's Storybook
Use Stories to Train Pastors and their Flocks
Robert & Anne Thiessen
Shepherd's Storybook is...
  • A short novel about vital biblical doctrines, pastoral skills and Spirit-filled church life, for new flocks and new leaders.
  • A simple tool for raising up leaders in new churches, or in any flock that wants its elders to serve as caring shepherds (not simply teaching or attending governing sessions).
  • Easy to use where resources and education are limited.
  • A story approach to train less educated pastors. It includes an extensive index of Bible stories, with the doctrines and duties that correspond.

Shepherd's Storybook
For Spanish, Hindi & other language, select Languages.
Coaching at no cost for new users: E-mail Robert Thiessen.
Read what one user said about Shepherd's      Storybook...
River of Grace
George Patterson
Reproducible Pastoral Training
Church planting guidelines from the teachings of George Patterson,
compiled by Patrick O'Connor.
Well indexed and comprehensive.

Order from William Carey Library,
Obedience Oriented Education

Illustrated article. This ground-breaking application of extension training  will help you prepare pastors and plant churches with an integrated curriculum.
  • Developed to multiply churches in pioneer fields, using the same program to train pastors and plant churches or cell groups.
  • This article, reprinted in many mission journals, has revolutionized pastoral training in many pioneer fields.
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Download from No charges.
Mentor and Multiply
Short story with discussion questions that shows how to shield new believers from being discouraged by legalistic Christians.

River of Grace
Spontaneous Reproduction of Churches
George Patterson.
Case study (article) revealing how to set up pastoral training by extension that enables churches to multiply in a pioneer field. From Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Reader, USCWM.  Pdf file.

Spontaneous Reproduction of Churches (.pdf file)
River of Grace (no fee). A short story combats legalism (explained below)
Spontaneous Reproduction of Churches (explained below)
Reproducible Pastoral Training Vital principles compiled (explained below)
Obedience Oriented Education Train pastors and plant churches at the same time with an integrated curriculum. (explained below)
Train and Multiply®
Pastoral Training and Church Planting, Combined
              George Patterson, author
  Project WorldReach, publisher & distributor

  • 65 pastoral training study books in
    major languages.
  • Geared to reproduce 'rabbit'

Train and Multiply mobilizes pastors to train other shepherds, to multiply churches or cells.  It facilitates growth and reproduction of God's flocks by its New Testament approach to prepare leaders. Ideal for pioneer fields where the need is great for gathering many new flocks. There is a one-time fee for the right to reproduce any quantity for your program.
Creatively designed training booklets include:
  • Student Activity Guide
    A menu of church activities and studies enables students and trainers to select needed studies and track the progress of the student and his church or cell. Training adapts to each church's rate of progress and needs. Each church follows its own pace and path.
  • 64 pocket-size study books
  • T&M presents pastoral skills and vital doctrines in an easy-to-understand and non-controversial format, with cartoons and practical application. Their unique design encourages trainees to focus on basic New Testament pastoral duties, essential ministries and doctrines that are vital for starting and developing new churches.
Information about the license to reproduce
any quantity for your training program:
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