Occasional notes on hot issues, gleaned from field workers
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MentorNet Messages

01 Can We Take Church Multiplication Too Far?
02 What to Do with Children During Worship?
03 How to Help Volunteer Workers Persevere?
04 Who Should Mentor New Church Leaders?
05 Dealing with Rusty Denominational Structures
06 Classroom Teaching Compared with Mentoring
07 Use a Menu of Optional Studies to Train Leaders
08 Starting Small Groups
09 Using Stories and Skits to Teach More Effectively
10 Interactive Body Life Between Churches
11 Ministries Required of churches in the New Testament
12 Missionary Team Building
13 Identifying New Shepherds
14 Rethinking Christian Education: get better results
15 Regional Coordinators for New Church Work
16 Nine Freedoms of Christian Churches
17 Mentoring Autocratic Leaders
18 Writing Study Materials for New Pastors in Pioneer Fields
19 Assertive Mentoring
20 Church Planting Myths
21 & 22 Developing a Cellular Church Body
23 Applications,Valuable, of Christian Mentoring
24 Train New Leaders like Jesus did
25 Integrate Truth and Task the way Jesus and His Apostles Did
26 Children Participate Actively in Worship
27 Relief Work Guidelines: make it more effective
28 Integrating Mission Theory & Practice, for greater effectiveness
29 Working with other Religions
30 Self-Supporting Workers
31 Balanced Church Body Life
32 Work through a 'Son of Peace' as Jesus Said
33 Empower New Leaders
34 General Guidelines to Mentor Leaders
35 Church Planting Steps, by Chouderie
36 Partnerships with Foreign Churches or Agencies
37 Shift from Training Only by Lecture by Adding Mentoring
38 Go 2 by 2: evangelize and make disciples more effectively
39 Five-fold Ministries (Ephesians 4:11-12)
40 Edifying Alternatives to Teaching or Preaching by Monologue
41 Witnessing for Christ in Other Cultures
42 Women Mentoring Women
43 Factors Limiting Church Planting Movements, and Remedies
44 Train Church Planters and Leaders in the Biblical Way
45 How cells & simple churches can enhance worship & body life
46 Enabling Change in Established Churches (MS Word® Doc)
47 Church' in Scripture also Denotes a Cluster of Tiny Churches
48 Multiply House Churches in your City (take the church to the people)
49 Flexible Church Leadership avoid common ruts
50 Use Vernacular Language for better evangelism and teaching
51 Use Simple Maps to plan strategy and cast vision
52 Timely Reporting of Progress and Problems
53 Bible Translation Movements, with Pioneer Church Planting
54 Take Training for Christian Work More Seriously
55 Conserving new believers
56 Know Jesus' Presence, not just facts about Him (MS Word® Doc)
57 Balance Divergent Aspects of Vital Ministries (MS Word® Doc)
58 State Control_of_Churches
59 Sophisticated_ Dependency--Relying on Dollars
60 Missionary_Relations_with_Churches_in_Changing_Times
61 When_we_Drive_our_Tent_Pegs_too_Deep
62 Moving our Churches Underground
63 Best_Starting_Places_for_New_Churches
64 Guidelines_for_a_Church_Planting_Movement (MS Word® Doc)
65 Work_personnel_not_merely principles
66 Where 2_or_3_are_gathered
67 The_Fourth_Generation
68 Insights_from_India
69 Mentored_training_chains: keep them extending
70 Three Kinds of Small Groups Necessary to Sustain Multiplication
71_Healing in Jesus' Name
72 Church Planting, a Systems Approach to Strategy
73 Tracking Progress of the Gospel
74_Integrating Ministries in the Body
75_Future of Anglo-American_Christianity
76  Reasons for face-to-face mentoring
77 Avoid breakdowns between trainer & trainees
78 Can churches multiply in the West?
79 A call to clergy to repent

Page 6--3-24-10
Mentor and Multiply
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  • Leaders of new churches or cells are more effective if mentored until their flocks are doing all the ministries required by the New Testament.
  • These required activities include mentoring other newer shepherds, which perpetuates a movement.
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