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People of YES!  –  Those who liberate others. Synergize believers. Multiply disciples. Obey Jesus.


Liberating others and their gatherings from man-made limitations that slow down obedience to Christ  and  hinder multiplication. POY! and you can help others to multiply freely.


Synergizing by coaching, training, prayer, spiritual warfare, healing, simple materials, whatever else is needed to help in your situation.


Multiplying is the only way to reach large populations. Experienced POY! coaches can help you move into massive multiplication of believers, disciples, leaders, churches and coaches.


Obeying Christ releases the grace of God and the power of the Spirit. Experienced POY! coaches help you move into greater obedience and fruitfulness as an individual and as a movement


POY! Vision:  Facilitate an expanding global network of coaches who free up others to reproduce themselves while multiplying Jesus gatherings.


POY! Identity: We are activists, enablers, writers and consultants, who love to invest in others, equipping them to expand radically the Kingdom of God, worldwide.


POY! Mission: We coach coaches who free others and organizations from debilitating obstacles, so they can better multiply through radical, loving obedience to Jesus Christ.

Many others like you want to try more, experience more, multiply more, but feel ‘boxed in’ by policies, expectations or unnecessary roadblocks. With other People of Yes! you can help others break through these outdated traditions that hinder them, so that they and you can see the kind of expansion expected by New Testament.

A Poem

Our Lord’s total authority makes him our Head.
   He commanded to baptize and break sacred bread.
He proclaimed these commands for His own to obey,
   Which means every group of believers today.
But a hundred strict voices wherever we go
   Disregard these commands by telling us NO!
“You’re too new, not ordained, you lack knowledge,” they say.
   And point to man’s rules, pushing Scripture away.
Fellow servant of Christ, will men’s human decrees
   Cause your group to delay and its passion to freeze?
Will you crown Christ as King? There is only one way.
   Just shout YES! when you’re asked if it’s Christ you’ll obey!



We agree to free believers and organizations from man-made obstacles so all can ~

  • Obey at once, in love, the commands of Jesus, as the first church did.
  • Serve one another in synergistic[ii], interactive churches or cell groups, locally and regionally.
  • Multiply disciples and Jesus groups, as Jesus’ parables illustrate (Mark 4:26-29).
  • Coach others and be coached, as Paul coached Timothy, or serve POY! in a service role.


How you, your church or organization can become POY!

  • There is no fee and nothing to buy. If the POY! Agreement expresses where you want to go, then talk or email with a POY! member in person or online, agreeing that you want to work with us. This person will help you become part of POY!, and get started serving as People of YES! together.
  • If you do not yet know any POY! then contact a coach at http://peopleofyes.com/contact/
  • Open an account at the POY! website: http://peopleofyes.com/getinvolved/
  • Coach others or serve them in a support team role. (See #3 Coaching Ranges)

How POY! involve new POY! or register their movement into a broader role in the POY! Coaching Range ~

  • Register new POY! on http://peopleofyes.com/getinvolved/ Also, register advancement to a broader Coaching Range up to (not beyond) your own Coaching Range.
  • Witness new POY!’s agreement to the POY! Covenant, face-to-face, by phone or by Internet. If any parts of the Agreement seem vague to you, then refer to the footnotes.


POY! of all ranges ~

  • Use the POY! Dashboard at http://peopleofyes.com/ to get ideas and materials that can help us to launch vital tasks, which include multiplying and shepherding missional communities, mobilizing leaders, serving the needy, and entering neglected fields.
  • Listen to or read progress reports of those whom they coach, then help them plan their next week or month’s work.
  • Send a brief monthly Progress Report to their coach, on a form provided by their coach or downloaded from http://peopleofyes.com/monthlyprogressreportdoc/




POY! Timothy (Paul coached Timothy who coached others who did the same, 2 Tim. 2:2)

  • Make obedient disciples of Christ or serve POY! in a support role.
  • Train and empower your disciples to make disciples of others.

POY! Paul

  • Coach POY! Timothies, communicating with them regularly, or gathering in groups small enough to deal with every POY!’s groups’ urgent needs.
  • Help POY! Timothies become Pauls.

POY! Field Coach (committed to a specific agency, denomination, culture, ministry or type of church)

  • Develop mutually edifying cooperation between POY! and your organization.
  • Perform the POY! Regional Coordinator’s tasks (below), within the area of your commitment.

POY! Regional Coach

  • Coordinate POY! activities throughout a large region.
  • Communicate with other coordinators to analyze outcomes and discern best practices.
  • Arrange for regional workshops or other forms of training as needs arise.
  • Coach POY! Pauls and help them become Field Coaches or Regional Coordinators.

POY! International Coach

  • Coordinate and oversee POY! activities internationally
  • Maintain a joyful, proactive working environment for all POY!.
  • Provide report forms and other POY! documents as needs arise.
  • Coach POY! to facilitate all kinds of POY! activities.

POY! Enablers

  • Assist in support roles for POY!
  • Time may be limited but willing to help in various roles – editing, writing, web design, fund raising, etc.

[i] Definition of terms:
“Agree” as Jesus said he is in the midst of two or three who bind or free ? Matt.18:18-20

 “Free up believers and organizations” ? JESUS DIED to free us from sin and God’s judgment. Heeding Jesus’ example, People of Yes! free believers, churches and mission agencies from “people of No” and their rules, not by criticizing them others but by helping to follow New Testament practices with the freedom that Paul affirmed (2 Cor. 3:17).

 “Obey the commands of Jesus” ? JESUS ROSE with all authority as Head of His church. He commanded to make disciples by teaching nations to obey His commands (Mat. 28:18-20). People of Yes! make disciples that obey their Head, starting with the commands that the first church heeded from the start: baptize repentant believers, celebrate the Lord’s Supper, maintain loving fellowship, give generously, pray in Jesus’ name and make disciples (Acts 2:37-47).

 “Synergistic churches or cell groups” JESUS ASCENDED and has raised us with Him (Eph. 2:6) to be part of His interactive. Body, serving one another with our diverse spiritual gifts as require (1 Cor. 12, Rom. 12 and Eph. 4:11-16).

 “Multiply… as Jesus’ parables illustrate” ? JESUS SENT THE HOLY SPIRIT who imparts power to multiply believers, shepherds, churches and cell groups (Acts 1:8; Mark 4).

 “Coach others and be coached” ? Adopt Paul’s way of coaching (2 Tim. 2:2; Titus 1:52).

 “Support role” ? ministries besides coaching that enable POY! to serve God’s people.

[ii]Synergistic. Energy from God increases, as believers serve one another by their gifts of the Spirit, and as congregations and cells serve and support each other through cooperation and sharing of personnel and of material assets.



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