To Shepherd Thirty Congregations

Some pastors in growing movements cause stagnation by trying personally to lead ten, twenty, thirty or more gatherings. Consultants Bill Smith, Patrick O’Connor and others have identified several reasons for pastors failing to delegate leadership to others: Dependence—I receive a stipend from overseas for the work I do. Dignity—I alone can do the work in a manner worthy of the Almighty. Doctrine—I trust my doctrines but remain unsure about yours. Economics—I meet my needs … [Read more...]

Trainees – Churched, Unchurched, and ‘Problem People’

This is a slightly edited repost from Steve Addison's blog, - Jeff Sundell said that in Nepal he kept the “new horses” from the “old horses” to protect new believers from the unhelpful habits and traditions of older “churched” believers. Two works emerged at the same time; one separate from existing church structures and one within. The work within church structures grew from 27 – 127 churches in six years. The work outside and separate from existing church … [Read more...]