“Follow my example”

Dick Scoggins

Dick Scoggins was coached by George Patterson in the 1980s, and he has followed George’s coaching and mentoring approach, ever since.

Dick started a church-planting team in Rhode Island in 1985, that has multiplied into a network of church-planting teams, as he trained team leaders who plant house churches amongst immigrant communities.

From 1995 to 2010 Dick worked with his wife in England, training and coaching Frontiers teams at work in the Muslim world. Dick also started teams of local church planters in England, Holland and Switzerland, that he continues to coach up to the present. These teams have planted numerous small, organic, Kingdom communities in widely-different contexts.

In 2011 Dick moved to California (USA) where he has started an initiative called The Guild (www.uscwm.org/theguild) that forms teams to reach the unengaged in the Los Angeles basin, while continuing to train another generation of apostles to the world.

He has written Church Multiplication Guide with George Patterson, House Church Planting in Networks, Building Effective Church Planting Teams, and Transformational Ministry, which are available on Dick’s website: www.dickscoggins.com.

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