“How quickly can new believers start new churches?”


Someone recently challenged, “Where in the Bible does it say that you can let new believers quickly start new churches?”


“Go quickly and tell … that he has risen from the dead.” Mt 28.7

“Go out quickly … and bring in the poor and crippled and blind and lame.” Lk 14.21


Quickly means, “as soon as practical,” “as soon as the Lord makes it possible.”

Quickly does not mean, “after years of formal education” or “after raising financial support.”

Quickly often means, “as soon as there are willing folk who prove faithful in following instructions.”


If you want to see your tribe, your region, your nation learn the good news of Jesus,

during your our own lifetime, then you must mobilize and coach a few workers who,

together, mobilize and coach 100s of workers who do the same with 1000s.


Every new believer can proclaim the good news to others.

Every disciple can make disciples of others.

Every disciple-maker can start new little churches.

Every church planter can train new shepherds.


It is not time that makes one a fruitful worker, but obedience to Jesus and

his commandments.


Thus, church planting can happen “quickly,” when you

continually train all believers to tell the gospel,

continually train disciples who make disciples,

continually coach workers who start new little churches, and

continually empower coaches who coach new shepherds on the job.


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