“Pressing forwards…”

Galen C.

Galen C. has trained and consulted with church reproduction and community development workers in some twenty countries of Africa, the Americas and Asia.

He also serves as sometime editor of training materials that have gone into several languages. See www.TrainAndMulitply.com www.Paul-Timothy.net and www.PeopleOfYes.com

Galen especially likes to interact with leaders of new initiatives who are seeking ways around common hindrances to reproduction.

He was an adjunct instructor in applied linguistics and social research in a graduate school until he shut his office to focus on live opportunities intenationally, in English, French and Wolof.

Galen observes, “The current century has proven one of unparalleled opportunities coupled with amazing advances in believer, disciple, leader and church multiplication, as churches, missions and independents have returned to biblical faith and models of action.”

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