Start churches now!

John Patrick O’Connor lived his early years in northern India. He pioneered work in the mountains of Honduras that has birthed several generations of new flocks and shepherds. His several publications include Reproducible Pastoral Training and more recently Start Churches Now!  Patrick’s joyful style, scriptural orientation, and practical approach to church reproduction have helped several stagnant ministries start moving again, and fruitful ones gain momentum. Write to Patrick in English or in Spanish. Better, invite him and Debbie to come consult, train and plan together with you and your coworkers.



    I am very glad to meet you.I had a vision of planting churches but I was thinking that churches have to be planting as someone is having much money.But when I got your teaching about start churches now, I discovered that churches can be planted without money but what we have to do is to apply this teaching of yours and continue to teach them to church members whenever we want to start churches and home cells.I will always use your teaching as a tool in OUR EBENEZER EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF CONGO where I am serving as visionary and senior pastor.

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