If a problem persists, pray for wisdom as James said. Also, if a community rejects the Lord Jesus Christ, He commands us to 'shake the dust' from our feet (leave). Make sure first that what folks reject is not an irrelevant way of evangelizing or worshipping. Some workers fail to love the people enough to respect their local culture, and force seekers to follow man-made rules that violate both Scripture and culture. This is common among workers who enter other cultures, and it violates Paul's command to "be all things to all people" in
1 Corinthians 9:2.
Do all the ministries that are required by the New Testament. A church
planter's job is done  when all vital ministries are being practiced by a new flock. This
brief chart provides a progress checklist or 'menu' for starting churches and training
new shepherds and small group leaders:  Vital Ministries Checklist
Keep your activities in balance in the body: Balance Divergent Aspects of Vital Ministries
Discern God-given levels of authority for church activities, to set priorities. 
Three Levels of Authority.
Avoid trying to push camels through a needle's eye...
Jesus warned it's easier  for a camel to pass through a  needle's eye than for rich
folks to enter his kingdom. Work with poor folks who want change, and 'shake the dust'
(leave) where folks fail to respond.  Avoid the lure of  materialism.
View or copy: Sophisticated_Dependency--relying on dollars
Develop edifying communication and interaction in small groups and between churches.
Obey the New Testament one another commands: One Anothers

Have fellowship with Jesus:  Experience the Dynamic Presence of Christ
Avoid state control of churches, ruinous effect, including in democracies. State Control
Use the Church Planter's Checklist. Like pilots before takeoff, church planters use a
checklist of vital activities, briefly reminding them what to do.
Darren Steckman and George Patterson; Church Planter's Checklist.
Develop the Five-fold Ministries of Ephesians 4:11-12.
Helps, including a skit, to introduce ministries.
Galen Currah & George Patterson: Five-fold Ministries
Believers use their God-given spiritual gifts in different ministries.
Help believers to discern their gifts, comparing themselves to Bible characters that
demonstrated them. Spiritual Gifts―Biblical Models
Awaken Sleepy Churches. Deal with Rusty Organizational Structures 
Also: Nine Freedoms that Churches Should Enjoy to Reproduce Normally
Multiply healthy churches rapidly by staying small. Multiply 'Rabbit' Churches 
Children,  young folk take a serious part in worship and church life: Kids in Worship
Future of Anglo-American Churches. Prelude to Renewal
Vital training: 14 Reasons to mentor new church multiplication leaders
Avoid Legalism: Contrasts between the Old and New Covenants

Essentials, universally part of a spreading renewal movement:
Steps to Precipitate a Mass Movement, Victor Choudhrie (MS Word)

Shun man-made church policies that block the flow of God's grace: A call to clergy to repent.
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Vitamins for a Vigorous Church Body
Escape the Rut and Resist the Devil's Counterattack
Did you know this?
  • Many whom God has used to foster a movement for Christ have to"shake the dust'' (leave non-receptive people they were trying to evangelize).
  • However, few  need to move to a new area; they simply focus on a lower educational and economic segment of the population. This shift, in obedience to Jesus' advice to shake the dust, has led to many breakthroughs and church planting movements.
  • The apostle Paul often shifted from Jews to Gentiles, before new flocks began to multiply; the same happens today when God's workers shift their focus onto fields that are 'ripe for harvest'.
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