The Church Planting Dashboard [Podcast #0004]

Use the People Of Yes! Dashboard to find precise guidelines to take your next step to multiply God’s flocks.

  • The menu lists 28 tasks that Jesus or His apostles required, which have proven effective and vital to multiply churches in widespread movements.
  • Do not try to do the tasks in order; choose those that fit a current need.
  • Skip tasks for which you have no need.
  • Each task includes brief descriptions, points out common pitfalls, and offers further help in resource documents.
  • If you want coaching (no fee), to expedite tasks, contact our People Of Yes! coaching coordinator.
  • To find a relevant task quickly on the Dashboard, glance first at the general action areas to the left, under which you’d most likely find the task.
    The five general action areas are:

1) Plan to Multiply
2) Activate your Team
3) Gather New Believers
4) Train New Overseers
5) Manage the Movement

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