What is FACE?

THE FELLOWSHIP OF AFRICAN CHRISTIAN ECONOMISTS January 1, 2005 ? Email: [email protected] Introduction The Fellowship of African Christian Economists (FACE) is an association of Christians who are also practising economists and other social scientists with a keen interest in development and public policy issues in Africa. It is an interdenominational association of all those who believe … [Read more...]

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Links to titles"ChristianEconomics" http://www.acton.org/publicat/m_and_m/2001_fall/woehrling.html "Biblical Economics Today" http://freebooks.entrewave.com/freebooks/sidefrm2.htm … [Read more...]

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LE FORUM DES AFRICANS CHRÉTIENS EN ÉCONOMIQUE 1 Januvier 2005 ? e-mél: [email protected] Introduction Le Forum des Africains chrétiens en économique (Face) est une association de chrétiens qui sont économistes en exercice, et d'autres scientifiques sociaux, qui ont un engouement pour le développement et pour les questions de politique publique en Afrique. Une association … [Read more...]

Paul-Timothy Leader Training

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A Guide to the Commands of Jesus the Messiah(according to Matthew)Chris Maynard 2015-09 to 2015-12.            This is an extract that Iintend to circulate to a few people to get their opinion and critique before Icontinue to write the rest.  I have completed the first of the four sectionsthat I plan.  I have included the headings for the other three.              I am aware that the sixstudies that I have completed do not have a uniform style.  Is this a goodthing or … [Read more...]

Arabic Bible

The New Testament (Injiil) of the Holy Bible inArabicVisit the BibleSociety of Egypt Site ??????????? ????? ????????? ??????   Good News by Matthew ??????????? ???? ????????? ???????   Good News by Mark ??????????? ????? ????????? ??????   Good News by Luke ??????????? ????? ????????? ?????????   Good News by John ????????? … [Read more...]

DIS744 June 2008

Multiplication Course, June 2008Countries: Chile, China, Ethiopia, Japan, Middle East, Nigeria, Sudan, Taiwan(personal names withheld for security reasons)Reverend Moneybag came into the course to offer salaries to your workers to attend his school and join his organsation.Notice his grin, big teeth, long ears, drool,padded feet.Top … [Read more...]

American & Indian Worldviews

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American & Indian Worldviews

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