Avoid Confusing What You Should Do Quickly And What You Should Not Do Too Quickly


What cannot be done too quickly:

  • Obey any of Jesus’ commands.
  • Ask new, potential leaders to start shepherding their own families.
  • Encourage seekers like Cornelius and Zacheus to host gatherings for friends and relatives to learn about Christ.
  • New churches send new members to witness to friends and relatives, including to other areas that need daughter churches or cells.
  • Begin mentoring potential leaders.
  • Recognize as a church any group of any size that obeys Jesus’ general commands.
  • Name as provisional shepherds those who meet Titus 1 requirements, as soon as any do.
  • Name as shepherding elders those who meet 1├é┬áTimothy 3 requirements, at least as rapidly as Paul did in Galatia.

What can be (and often is) done too quickly:

  • Name persons to be shepherding elders who only know how to preach well.
  • Organize regional associations of churches, creating political structures.
  • Start institutional training and education programs.
  • Bring in an outsider to pastor a new church that is not ready for a traditional pastor.
  • Build chapels.
  • Pay pastors to work full-time.
  • Organize Sunday Schools.



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