Bible Readings For Family And Group Discussion


The readings come from all parts of the Bible and depict activities that God requires of believers.

Choose readings from the level of those you teach.

Readings are listed in three sections: Beginners, The Growing, and The Mature.


To enhance participation, study a reading by yourself first, and then lead discussion when you meet as a small group or family.

Tell folks what to listen for, before reading or telling a Bible story.

In the studies below, see the word Find above Scripture references. Find indicates something to listen for. Example: Before reading Solomon’s moving prayer in 2 Chronicles 1:16-12, ask folks to find examples of things that a leader of God’s people should ask in prayer, and folks will then listen more attentively.


After reading a Scripture or telling a Bible story, ask questions such as…

  1. What vital truths did you find?
  2. What did you learn about God?
  3. What does God want us to do about it?
  4. What was hard to understand?

Include the whole family.

[Kids] in brackets before a Scripture reference indicates a story for both children and adults. Some stories are repeated, from two or more Gospels. Children need repetition.

Select readings that fit needs or interests of your group or family.
Use this list of readings as a menu. Do not try to read every passage listed under each item.

1.     Seek God’s Will and Plan Accordingly

2.     Triumph Through Prayer

3.     Tell Others About Jesus

4.     Be Baptized and Added to Jesus’ Church

5.     Pray for the Sick and Demon Oppressed

6.     Make it Easy to Tell Others About Jesus

7.     Learn to Live the Christian Life Victoriously, by Faith

8.     Love God and our Neighbor in a Practical Way

9.     Read and Apply the Bible to our Lives

10.  Get Along with our Brothers in Christ and Worship Together

11.  Celebrate Family Devotions

12.  Organize the Church

13.  Develop loving Fellowship in the Family of God

14.  Visit and Encourage our Brothers in Christ

15.  Develop Generous Stewardship

16.  Prepare to Serve Christ

17.  Mobilize New Pastoral Trainers

18.  Train Those who Have the Apostolic (Missionary) Gift

19.  Develop Prayer in the Church

20.  Take the Good News to New Places and People

21.  Strengthen the Church and Plant Churches

22.  Make Disciples

23.  Apply Basic Doctrines to our Lives

24.  Face False Teaching and Wrong Church Practices

25.  Face Opposition and Persecution

26.  Mobilize the Congregation for Discipling and Serving

27.  Gather for Public Worship and Special Celebrations

28.  Appreciate God’s Presence with us

29.  Shepherd the People of God

30.  Plan Well our Time Schedules

31.  Have Orderly Meetings for Church Business.

32.  Have Activities for Fellowship and Fun

33.  Resolve Disputes and Divisions

34.  Strengthen Family Life

35.  Strengthen each Other’s Love

36.  Apply Biblical Discipline to the Congregation

37.  Give Member Care to those who have Personal or Family Problems

38.  Train Care Givers at a Basic Level

39.  Encourage and Pray for the Sick

40.  Bring Freedom to any who are Oppressed by Demons

41.  Help the Needy

42.  Support Pastors and Christian Workers

43.  Develop the Gifts and Ministries of the Believers

44.  Use Teamwork in Ministry to Edify Others

45.  Evangelize and Teach Children

46.  Young People Serve and Make Disciples

47.  Fulfill Christian Social Duties

48.  Select and Train New Pastoral Level Students

49.  Mobilize Pastoral Students as Pastoral Trainers

50.  Teach the Missionary Task, Focus on the World

51.  Train Missionaries

52.  Pray with more Power

53.  Disciple People in New Areas and Cultures

54.  Coordinate the Multiplication of Churches

55.  Keep Multiplying House Churches or Cell Groups

56.  Strengthen Bible Study and Application

57.  Organize United Celebrations Between Churches

58.  Strengthen the Ministry of Music

59.  Improve the Preaching

60.  Establish Discipling Networks among Leaders

61.  Develop Fellowship Between Churches

62.  Strengthen Fellowship Between New and Old Believers

63.  Develop Member Care for those with Personal or Family Problems

64.  Develop Fellowship Between Churches

65.  Cultivate Fellowship Between Older AND Newer Brothers

66.  Help Those with Very Difficult Problems

67.  Evaluate, Reorganize AND Extend Existing Ministries

68.  Form Discipling Chains to Train Leaders over a Wide Area

69.  Strengthen Pastors and Elders of All the Churches

70.  Send Missionaries …Read all.


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