Church Planting Movements in North America

Yes, there are highly-reproductive church-planting efforts under way in North America. One such effort is trying to track its progress at 
Scores of “mega churches” have found that they can sustain growth in quantity and quality only by continually multiplying cells or home groups that function as little churches within a big “cluster” church. Willow Creek and Saddleback have both gone that way.
In order for classical congregations to become reproductive, its leaders 
must take several well-planned steps. These steps may include some of the following:


  1. Making cleric-dominated “services” the centre of church life.
  2. Limiting teaching to theological lectures and sermons (monologue).
  3. Herding believers into big-group events under strict control.
  4. Scolding believers for their lack of zeal or generosity.
  5. Rationalistic interpretation of New Testament mysteries.
  6. Evangelism by foray and retreat (if any at all).
  7. State-mandated power structures (constitution and officers).
  8. Defining “church” as some kind of big institution in an auditorium.


  1. Creating opportunities for believers to gather face to face.
  2. Letting all prophesy and exercise their God-given gifts one with another.
  3. Continually coaching group shepherds who become able to do the same.
  4. Reminding believers of Jesus’ promises and commandments.
  5. Keeping the Lord’s Supper the centre of worship with all its mystery.
  6. Expecting most conversions to come through small groups.
  7. Empowering shepherds to obey all of Jesus’ commandments.
  8. Defining “church” as Jesus in the midst any gathering of any size.
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