Everyone present, including tots, help tell this story

Copyright © by George Patterson, 2012 (may be copied freely)

Have some good laughs during parties or family gatherings while keeping Christ in Christmas. The story takes about 10 minutes.


  • Participants merely shout a brief phrase whenever they hear their assigned name.
  • Assign one or more parts to everyone. As you assign parts, let participants practice shouting their response.

Parts for individuals

Dr. Bugzapper:        “What have we here?”

Handsome Henry:   “Never fear! Heroic Hank is here!”

Famished Fred:        “I’m so hungry I could eat a moose!”

Fluffy FLO:             “Oh, somebody save us!”

Mother Fidget:        “Where in the world did I leave them?”

Baron Joykiller:       “I’ll take care of you! Ha ha ha!” (Laugh fiendishly)

Narrator:                  (Read the story melodramatically, and pause after capitalized names to let folks respond.)

Parts for one or more persons.

If more than one, shout in unison.
If small children are present, at least one adult should do these parts to prompt the tots.

Cinnamon:               “Clip clop, clip clop. Neigh!”

Drowsy bear:           (Growl loudly)

Potlicker:                 “Bow-wow-wow!”

North Wind:            “Oooooooo”

Rusty rifle:               “Ker-blam!”

Huffy Puffy:           “Choo choo! Wooo wooo!”

Joygivers:                 “Merry Christmas, Jesus’ joyful birthday!”

Narrator (Read):

Episode 1: Night Visitor.
The Bugzapper family lived in old Russia. At supper, the father was telling his three grown children the story of Christmas, which was only ten days away. Suddenly the door flew open and hit the wall with a bang as loud as their old RUSTY RIFLE [Ker-blam!]

Icy air blew out the oil lamp. “Aha!” cried DR. BUGZAPPER [What have we here?]

“The Tsar’s soldiers, maybe, or thieves,” he warned in the dark. “Who’s there?”

Then, snarling as he ran to the door, was fuzzy little white POTLICKER [Bow-wow-wow!]

“We’ll all be slain!” wailed the daughter, FLUFFY FLO [Oh, somebody save us!]

“It’s just the wind. I’d light the lamp but I’ve lost my glasses,” complained MOTHER FIDGET [Oh, where’d I leave them?]

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