Church Planting Coaching

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church planting coaching

You might wondering, “How can I go from addition to multiplication in my church planting work?” You are seeing some multiplication in your church planting ministry, while sensing that you could be seeing more.

People of YES! can help. We are coaches who have worked all over the world, in all sorts of situations. We are good listeners, who take time to let you share your vision, needs and opportunities. We seek to understand you and your situation.

Perhaps we can give you another perspective, seasoned by our decades of experience in working with all sorts of churches, ministries and mission organizations.

We have coached many field workers and leaders, helping them to see the New Testament in a fresh way, as you apply its simple principles to your situation, for a more rapid multiplication of disciples, leaders and churches.

  1. Take a look at this page: Train Apprentice Leaders As Jesus And Paul Did.
  2. Then get in touch with us through this site. The cost? No money; just your love for souls.
  3. Covenant together to secure God’s intervention.
  4. Obey Jesus and his commandments before all else.