Foundational Truths for Wholesome Society and Satanic forces that Undermine them

Vital Truths of Christian Civilization

Examples of Sources of Denial

The Bible’s authority for life and morals

Rationalistic Seminaries


Hindu polytheism

Jesus Christ overpowered demonic powers

Tibetan Buddhism

Moral purity brings peace of mind

Pornography, the darker side of Hollywood

Sanctity of life


Sanctity of marriage

Same-sex “marriage”

History provides norms for state policy

Textbook publishers that rewrite history

Journalists provide unbiased facts

Media manipulates truths to affirm biases

Constitutional law respected

Judges create their own laws

Renunciation of all forms of idolatry

Catholicism’s indiscriminate use of images

Divine providence recognized

International bodies control man’s destiny

Business provides needed services and goods

Hidden cartels, deceptive marketing, porn

Respect for scientific truth

Humanist theories pose as science in schools

Trinitarian theology

Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Free expression of faith in God

Edicts deny orderly spontaneity in worship

Worship in spirit and free use of spiritual gifts

Rituals without the Spirit and rigid rules

Biblical stewardship

Lavish spending on buildings or equipment

Parents train children in the faith

Exclusively-institutional religious education

Honesty in government

Bribery, payoffs, wasteful dole-outs



I guess Confusion is my name;

Pure facts would leave me in a daze.

All gods and faiths are just the same.

Men worship me in many ways.

Some called me Baal and others, Wealth;

I had King Saul consult a witch.

I fill men’s souls with doubt, not health,

And leave them wondering which is which.


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