Hear God Speak from His Word: Encourage Discussion In Which All Believers’ Spiritual Gifts Are In Operation


This exercise can enable family or cell group members to help each other understand God’s Word and put it into practice.

Tell your group what to listen for, before reading a Bible passage.

After reading, ask questions that encourage interactive discussion.
This will enable exhorters to exhort, comforters to comfort, admonishers to correct, and prophets to speak a word from the Lord.

Helpful questions to ask about a Bible passage:

  1. What is important about this for us?
  2. What does it teach us about God?
  3. What does it teach us about us humans?
  4. What does it urge us to do?
  5. What is your (our) plan do it? With whom?  When? Do you need help?

Avoid asking questions that lead to generalities without a specific idea or action.

Stop anyone who talks too much.
Let no one monopolize discussion. Say something like, “Let’s hear from some of you who haven’t spoken yet.”

Correct answers correctly. Do not harshly contradict wrong answers. Simply encourage more discussion, asking for other opinions until someone gives a better answer.

Let others talk more than you do while leading discussion.
Avoid being the dogmatist that has to have the last word. This common error kills the free use of God’s gifts by group members. Humility is a great aid to leading enriching discussion.

Let everyone feel free to speak or to be quiet. Avoid pushing shy people or visitors to participate, and praise them when they do share their thoughts.

Keep focused on points that edify those present. Avoid wasting time on non-edifying discussion that leads away from ideas of the Bible passage.


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