Helps for Physical Healing in Jesus’ Name

The prayer of faith shall heal the sick, the Lord shall raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.–James 5:15

If you work in a pioneer mission field, then you will experience many occasions to pray for healing. Be prepared. These helps are gleaned from Allan Hodges, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Greeley, Colorado.

  • Talk with the sick person. Get to know the person; seek to find the cause of the illness. Pray for guidance as you listen to the person, or the family, explain the situation. Do not simply walk up to people and lay hands on them.
  • Pray to understand what God is doing. After listening and asking for the Holy Spirit’s leading, discern the spiritual reason of the sickness, and the person’s spiritual state. Is God already working with the person?
  • Decide prayerfully what to ask God to do. Should you pray specifically for healing? If you are not convinced that you should ask God to heal, then do not do so; simply ask for God’s blessing.
  • Pray as God instructs. If you are convinced that God is responding to your prayer for healing, then pray aloud for it. For example, “Be healed in Jesus’ name.” Pray with the persons if possible. Do not simply advise them.
  • Discern what God is doing. If healing does not take place, or is not complete, then pray again. Ministry with authority often requires praying at length or speaking a word of command repeatedly. Christ Himself prayed twice for a blind man (Mk. 8:23-25).
  • Ask the sick if they sense that God is healing them. According to the situation, you might advise a person to do something, such as go and forgive parents or others that one has offended; remember Jesus’ instructions “Go and sin no more.”
  • Follow up after healing has taken place. Help the healed get into fellowship with other believers and become a better disciple.


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