Jesus Tests Believers’ Works by Fire at Heaven’s Gate

Based on Num. 31: 1-23 and 1 Cor. 3: 11-15


  • In a small group, participants might simply read their lines, or glance at their lines to get the idea so they can speak in their own words.
  • Most POY! skits require no practice in advance.
  • Have any small children play a brief part. Most scripts have an optional part for children, listed last under Participants.
  • Most scripts have a Narrator who should read the script beforehand to see how to keep moving the story along.
  • It is not necessary to employ costumes and objects, unless the skit recommends such.
  • It is not required to have an audience watch the skit. All present may participate.
  • Scripture and paraphrases, if any, usually appear in bold.


Risen Saint (Also serves as Narrator)
Voice (of God) Stand to one side, read slowly and loudly.

Prompter (Optional). Prompter shouts a brief line and Companions repeat it.
Companions (Optional): children and all adults that want to take part. Make sure Companions know who the Prompter is, and that they are to repeat Prompter’s words.


Risen Saint

While in our graves, my fellow Christians and I hear the final trumpet, and we awake.

We are raised with Jesus and have our resurrection bodies. We now live eternally in Him, and we will soon see Him face to face! Imagine!

Oh! I see heaven’s gates. Like Sheba’s queen who approached Solomon’s grand temple, its astonishing magnificence takes our breath away! Oh, such glory!

Prompter &

Such glory! Such glory!

Voice Come, beloved, you who were chosen from before the foundation of the worlds.
Risen Saint

The gates swing open, and… What is this? I wasn’t expecting this.

We must pass through customs, and leave contraband behind. Jesus Himself is the “customs agent” and examines our baggage. Before His judgment seat, I can hide nothing.

Voice Why does this surprise you?
Risen Saint

It should not have surprised us. Numbers 31 pictures all this, and 1 Corinthians 3 describes this same “trial by fire” of our works, of

the things we did on earth. I recall the story in Numbers. Midianites led Israel to sin, and Moses ordered his army captain to take action.

Moses (To Captain) Arm your men for war. You will carry out the Lord’s vengeance.

At once, Moses.

Well, we attack Midian as the Lord had commanded Moses, burn their cities and return with a large amount of captured treasure.

Moses Captain, what is all that stuff you and your men are trying to sneak into the Lord’s sacred camp?
Captain It is booty, Moses. We captured it. We also captured these Midianite women and these flocks. Just look at these images made of silver and gold. Wow! They’re worth a fortune! We are rich!
Prompter &

We are rich! We are rich!


(Angry) How dare you try to bring those cursed idols into the Lord’s sacred camp!

It is contraband! Build a fire, now, and pass all that booty through the fire. Burn it!

Prompter &

Burn it! Burn it!

Captain I build a hot fire and we toss the silver and gold idols into the flames, where they melt. We also throw in pagan statues of wood. When the fire dies down, we salvage only the gems and precious metals; these are no longer shaped as graven images that God detests. No more idols!
Prompter &
No more idols! No more idols!
Moses Now, the gold and silver, bronze and iron that withstood the fire are clean. You can bring them into the Lord’s camp. Nothing else.
Risen Saint

Well, it’s the same now, as we enter Glory; we bring no contraband with us. What Paul foretold in 1 Corinthians 3 is happening:

“No one can lay a foundation except on Jesus Christ. If one builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or straw, one’s work will become evident; the day of Christ will reveal it with fire. The fire will test one’s work. If it remains, one will receive a reward. If it burns up, one will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, like one escaping through flames.”



Why did Moses become angry with Israel’s soldiers when they returned from battle?

As we enter heaven, what sort of works will stand the test of fire before Christ’s judgment seat?

This trial is not the Great White Throne final judgment for rebels; it is only for believers. According to Paul, which are tried by Christ before His judgment seat? Believers’ souls, or believers’ works?

(Answer: works)

If a believer’s works fail to stand the test, then what will become of his soul, according to Paul?

(Answer: He himself will be saved, as one escaping through fire [verse 15].)





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