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Paul-Timothy Links to Other VeryUseful Sites
for those who seek to multiply believers, disciples, cells,
churches,shepherds and workers
Bible Story Skits
Bible Story Scripts
Dramas suitable to small gatherings
where adults and children act out Bible stories as part of their worship.

Just Obey Jesus
JustObey Jesus
Proven methods for multiplication
in neglected populations. “Rapid Obedience leads to rapid multiplicationof churches.” Dr. George Patterson

Mentor and Multiply
Mentor and Multiply
Ample resources for those who mentor

apprenticeshepherds and church planters, from master trainer, George Patterson
One-page articles
on many facets of coaching and training for church multiplication. May be freely translated, modified, distributed.

People Of Yes!
PeopleOf Yes!
An online church-planting dashboard
Models, methods, mentors and materials for aspiring church-multiplication coaches.
Preparation y Movilization:
Preparación Pastoral para la Movilización de Obreros
Estudios Pastorales para Pastores
y para educación teológica por extensión in 9 Libros
Por Jorge Patterson. Editado y adaptado por Juan Patricio O’Connor

Shepherds' Storybook
Shepherds’ Storybook
Coach new shepherds from a fast-paced
account of a young congregation led by anapprentice shepherd. As they experience typical problems and attacks,they learn to deal with these from Bible stories.

English, Spanish, languages of india.
Start Churches Now!
Start Churches Now!
Easy-to-read, practical instructions
for those who cannot wait tostart churches in hard places. Download the .pdf version free, or orderthe 125-page paper edition in one of 12 languages.

Train and Multiply
Train and Multiply®
World’s most-translated pastoraltraining

materials for churchmultiplication now comes with a free license to those who get trainedin its intended use. Download sample lessons.
Trainer’s workshop manual

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