Obeying Jesus At Home

I was emailing a friend today about how we would often do Communion at the lunch or dinner table, with one piece of bread on the table, and glasses of juice at each place. We’d do it at the beginning of the meal, with the food on the table, as soon as all were seated, to ensure everyone’s attention, as well as brevity.

I break the bread, pass it around, then give thanks for the bread and the Body of Christ, pray briefly, and we all eat together. Then I take the cup, give thanks for the cup, and the blood of Christ, pray briefly, and we all drink together.

So we now have had communion, briefly, in a family setting, at a meal, in a way that is natural, reproducible, and not long or tiresome. It is brief enough so that almost any squirmy antsy child can sit though it, especially when they know that it will not delay dinner more than slightly.

We also baptized my younger son at home, after talking with him over some time. He really wanted to be baptized, and one morning we baptized him in the bathtub. He started singing to the Lord while he was still in the tub.

Interestingly, the Bible does not say that you need a pastor, elder or other titled church leader to do this. Be blessed!

Don Perry  01 January 2013

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