Salt of the Earth


Encourage believers to serve as “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” as Jesus said, with this compelling example of 19-century English Evangelicals (cited from The Call to Seriousness: The Evangelical Impact on the Victorians by Ian C. Bradley [New York: Macmillan Publishing Co, 1976]).

19th century English Evangelicals…

  • Ended the British slave trade,
  • Abolished sati (burning widows) in India,
  • Abolished infant sacrifice in India,
  • Banned child labor and many such abuses, and set the pace for other nations,
  • Initiated reforms to ban the torture of animals for sport, and similar abuses,
  • Rehabilitated prostitutes,
  • Reformed the English Parliament, creating guidelines for just government,
  • Brought education and other forms of relief to the destitute of England,
  • Initiated prison reforms that set the pace for almost all nations,
  • Brought about insane asylum reforms that set the pace for much of the world,
  • Started the first hospitals in many countries,
  • Started schools and universities in many countries that had few or none,
  • Introduced literacy into many people groups.


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