Shift Fearlessly from No to Yes to Multiply in the West

Can churches and cell groups keep multiplying rapidly in the West? YES! Just focus on positive, fearless action. Stop dabbling in negative reasons for failure. People Of Yes! lead fellow believers to shout “Yes!” in Jesus. 2 Corinthians 1:20


TO “YES!”**

Authority: dominating, questioned and resisted

Authority: visionary, compassionate and complied with

Baptism: a public profession of faith

Baptism: receive newborn believers into a loving Body

Bible: fodder for sermons & study

Bible: handbook for group action in the world

Christ: far away up in heaven

Christ: active, powerful, felt, in our midst

Church planting: start another one some day

Church planting: multiply flocks continually

Church: bodies, buildings, & budgets

Church: experience together the Presence of Jesus

Communion: administered by the ordained

Communion: break bread together in obedience to Jesus

Discipleship: learn right doctrine

Discipleship: lovingly obey Christ’s commands

Evangelism: occasional, a “special” effort

Evangelism: normal conversation with willing hearers

Expansion: pessimistic acceptance of decline

Expansion: reclaim Satan’s captives

Faith: affirming historic theology

Faith: also moving us to obey Christ’s commandments

Family: separate, age-graded programs

Family: church happens within existing networks

Gifts of the Spirit: talented few on a platform

Gifts of the Spirit: everyone ministers with God’s help

God: basis of a theistic worldview

God: our King is conquering His enemies; we’re His army.

Healing: “Please, guide the doctor’s hands.”

Healing: Heal by Jesus’ delegated power

Holy Spirit: makes us feel assured, excited

Holy Spirit: works powerfully to move disciples to action

Jesus: He loves me and He hates legalism

Jesus: I love Him and obey His commands joyfully

Love: God blesses us, and we bless each other

Love: actively serve the needy & seek their eternal good

Coaching: advice and wise counsel

Coaching: mobilize leaders to multiply God’s flocks

Miracles: happened long ago

Miracles: normal outcome of vigorous faith and spirituality

Mission: salaried professionals go overseas

Mission: take Jesus to neglected folk, nearby & afar

Pastors: clergy preach & administer churches

Pastors: shepherds empower apprentices who serve others

Prayer: general pleas, beg,  remind God

Prayer: includes intercession, praying for others by name

Religion: private, individual preferences

Religion: identify with Jesus; convictions lead to action

Spirituality: self-improvement, feel worthy

Spirituality: power to serve and bless others

Stewardship: give to meet a budget

Stewardship: share with those in need

Theology: abstract nouns describe God

Theology: active verbs portray God moving us to respond

Training: educate scholars in classrooms

Training: equip the faithful with truth to do vital tasks

Warfare: political lobbying

Warfare: resist the devil, free folk from demonic oppression

Wealth: possessions & prestige

Wealth: meet needs and finance outreach

Word of God: biblical exegesis for doctrine

Word of God: hear from God via the Bible & prophecy

*Items on the “No!” side remain good and true, though incomplete and weak by themselves.

**Items on the “Yes!” side take the infallible Scripture and put it into positive action by faith.


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