Some Mentoring Chains in Scripture


Joseph—> officials in Egypt


Jethro —> Moses
                      Moses —> leaders of 1000s
                            Leaders of 1000s —>leaders of 100’s
                                   Leaders of 100s  —> leaders of 10 (households)


Deborah —> Barak


Eli—> Samuel
                     Samuel—> Saul
                          Samuel —>Ahithophel and Nathan ? David
                                David —>  Solomon and many others
                                      Solomon —> Queen of Sheba & others


Elijah—> Ahab and Elisha
                    Elisha —> Joash and other kings


Daniel —> Nebuchadnezzar and his officers


Mordecai—> Esther
                          Esther —>King Ahasueras


Jesus—> His twelve apostles and many more
                          The Apostles—> Barnabas and many other leaders
                                 Barnabas —>Paul
                                       Paul—> Titus, Timothy and many more
                                            Timothy—> “faithful men” (Epaphras, et al.)
                                                  Faithful men—> “others also” (2 Tim. 2:2)


Philip—> Ethiopian official who introduced the gospel in Africa

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