Spiritual Warfare – Offense or Defense?

Spiritual warfare is a reality of life, not a myth or a theoretical concept. In the words of Dr. Ed Murphy,
“everything from Genesis 3 to Revelation 20 that has occurred, is occurring, and will yet occur, occurs in the context of warfare between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of evil supernaturalism.”

Much of what we see in the area of spiritual warfare consists of asking God to protect us, which I call defensive warfare. Most of us are pretty good at playing defense.

But I have not seen too many believers that are good at offense – setting the captives free who are lost in deception, occult practices, sickness, infirmity and spiritual bondages of various types (Mat. 10:1, Luke 4:18-19). In many places on earth, bringing deliverance to these people is a key component of the spiritual breakthroughs that accompany multiplication.

No top level sports team or military group would be content to say, “We are strong defensively, so I am not concerned about having an offensive capability, or pushing our opponent out of his comfort zone; we can still be sure of winning.” The coach or general that talked like that would probably not last long in his position.

My question today is this: If our goal includes pushing the enemy out of a given area, and forcibly removing his captives from his control, should we be content to just play defense, or should we learn how to go on the offensive, and set the captives free wherever we find them? What do you think?



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