Teach Believers, To Edify And Equip Them For Service

`Teach Believers, to Edify and Equip them for Service

Yes, new learner, you can begin now to serve Christ in a serious way; you need not wait until you are an accomplished theologian.
Yes, Lord, we teach, as you require, with the primary purpose of equipping believers for serious ministry.

Apply God’s Word to equip believers for ministries and build godly character.

We are to teach the Bible biblically:

· Ephesians 6: 11-16 reveals the purpose of Christian teaching: it is to prepare all believers to do ministry. Godly instructors teach to get action, not merely to pass on information.

· 2 Timothy 3:16-17 reveals that God inspired Scripture to be useful; so “that the man of God may be… equipped for every good work.”

· Colossians 3:16 urges believers to instruct one another.

Adapt teaching methods to small groups.

Effective small group instruction requires effective questions, open discussion, full participation by everyone, well-defined outcomes, knowing each other’s gifts, and helping

all members to do whatever God is leading them to do.

When mentoring new church leaders, aim for immediate, tangible results.

If you visit a trainee’s flock, do not leave until you have added something edifying. Help it do something positive such as win people to Christ, make plans to start a daughter church, commission new leaders, or initiate a vital ministry.

Resources For While You …

Train new leaders in the way Jesus and Paul did. All healthy churches and movements for Christ engage in some kind of coaching, even though some are unaware that they are doing it. Coaching can be formal and highly disciplined, or spontaneous and sporadic. Either way, it is a powerful tool to make obedient disciples and effective leaders:

Mentoring leaders today and in Scripture

Couple theology with duty. Teach truth in the way Jesus and His apostles did, integrating truths and relating them always to their corresponding task. This provocative document exposes common fragmentation God’s truth and shows how to correct the abuse:

Defrag theology to integrate truth and task

Peer into the future. Let believers know the things that Jesus prophesied would occur before His return in glory and power:

Jesus foretold events, His return with power, scripted

Reconcile God’s foreknowledge and election with man’s freedom of choice. Let Scripture show God’s election with this enactment of Jacob’s sneaky deception to receive his twin Esau’s blessing from their father, Isaac:

Jacob and Esau portray God’s election

Grasp sacred history’s flow along with key doctrines that grew from it:

Panorama of sacred historical event

Consider Jesus’ power over nature. Reenact the disciples’ adventure:

Jesus calms a sea, proving power over nature, scripted

Common Traps To Avoid

Teaching that aims merely to pass on biblical or theological details.

Do not let teaching eclipse other vital ministries. Wise teachers avoid giving information “overload”.

Abstract monologues in small groups.

Engage everyone in constructive conversation.

Know-it-alls who must always have the last word in a small group.

Gag excessive talkers, if you must. Never invite such a boor into a group of new believers. Firmly correct anyone who forces others to become passive listeners.

Traditional teaching methods that did not originate from Scripture.
Teaching, according to the Bible, was dynamic, engaging and interactive, resulting in immediate action.


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