Thirteen Common Characteristics Of Church Multiplication Movements


  1. Persistent prayer on a large scale.
  2. Ministry methods conform to local culture.
  3. New churches follow only fundamental biblical requirements.
  4. In restricted or resistant areas, compassionate service often facilitates church planting.
  5. Witnessing takes place within existing social networks, aided by “persons of peace”.
  6. Telling Bible stories within oral cultures lays a necessary biblical foundation.
  7. Evangelism and discipleship happen mainly in households.
  8. Witnessing and biblical instruction focus on the risen Christ, His power and Presence.
  9. People learn from audio and written Scripture in their preferred language.
  10. People obey immediately God’s truth that they themselves find in Scripture.
  11. Leaders and church members learn through obedience-based discipleship.
  12. Indigenous church planters and local leaders regularly launch and lead new churches.
  13. Leaders train more leaders to plant new churches as a normal church activity.


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