When To Use Music With Muslims, What To Use, And How To Get It


In most Muslim cultures, music is not part of worship, and Western sacred music at first will appear to converts as frivolous and out of place in the presence of God. Be sensitive to their feelings and donot force them to sing before they express their desire to do so.

Resources for using music with Muslims:

1.   Music in the World of Islam by Amnon Shiloah. Wayne State University Press, 1995, 262 pages.

2.   The Music of the Arabs by Habib Hassan Touma. Amadeus Press, 1996, 260 pages, 209 musical examples: World Music Institute in NYC; e-mail: [email protected]

3.   Music and Musical Instruments in the World of Islam. 3 CD set plus 100-page book by Jean Jenkins (1976)T Order from: Multicultural Media in Vermont. e-mail:  [email protected].


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